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FintechJobs.Today Bites | 👾 We went micro-viral with salary data? 💸



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FintechJobs.Today Bites
A couple of weeks ago we launched the Compensation Bot to help us get a much better understanding of potential EU salary gaps between data listed in job postings, what people currently earn and what they might like to earn. Paired with a meme from Legolize, the post did well and upwards of 700 submissions (and counting) have rolled in across all sectors, verticals and a 95% Italy, 5% other EU countries split.
We will be publishing the full results of the Q2 Compensation bot on the original post so follow it to stay tuned.
Some blunt highlights:
  • Financial Services pays more: confirmed. Most notably in the Senior and Executive range, in the Middle range the average surplus in finance is €5k/year, in the Senior range €10k+.
  • Developers are overpaid compared to others: unconfirmed. Compared to other positions (and based on a very representative sample) this urban myth is not true. In fact at the same career level Audit, Compliance and Management professionals earn 10-15% more.
  • Junior positions in Financial Services start at €5-10k more than other sectors and there is (unfortunately) a persistent data point on entry-level positions paying sub-€20k annually overall.
Rest to follow in the full FintechJobs.Today Q2 Compensation bot report coming in the next few days.
Buon lavoro,
FintechJobs.Today Team

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